I'm such a Klutz! I got a fat lip!

My mom flew into town late last night.  Her plane took off a half hour late and she was already due to be in at almost midnight.  Luckily, flights are usually pretty good at making up time in the air.  So, she actually landed only 10 minutes late.  It's funny though that it takes me as long on the ground as half of her trip takes in the air!!  In northeast Ohio, we usually use one of two closer airports.  We use Cleveland Hopkins International or Akron/Canton.  At the time when I bought my mom's plane ticket, the best deal I could get was out of Akron.  Akron's airport is about a one hour drive for us.

So, by the time my mom's plane was on the ground and we were able to pick her up, it was almost midnight.  By the time we got home it was almost 1:00 in the morning.  And, of course we weren't going to go to bed right when we walked through the door.  

By the time I went to put the kids in bed, we were all pretty tired.  

Logan asked me to get something off his floor.  I bent down to get it, didn't remember that I put the chair back in his room. . . . banged my mouth on the corner of the chair as I bent down. . . and banged my mouth so hard that my teeth went through my lip in two different places.  
See where the tooth came through on the front, underneath?

D'oh!  My mom and I looked at it and it didn't look like it was going to keep bleeding.  I didn't have any peroxide so I used Listerine to try to clean the inside of my mouth and we found some antiseptic wipes for the outside.  I am now currently wearing a bandaid in a place that only a child would try to wear a bandaid.  And usually you would probably make fun of that child!  It started bleeding a little from my lip in the middle of the night, so I put a tissue on it.  Now, I have tissue stuck to my lip because I'm afraid to take it off for fear it will start bleeding again.  I guess I'll try to dissolve it off.

I just joked that I was trying to help my mom relive a similar event that happened when I was a kid.  Apparently when I was a child, I fell off a step onto a tile floor or something and my tooth went through my lip.  I still have the scar.  It's a little higher than my new one.


How is your weekend going so far?  We were planning on going down to Amish country.  Now, I'm not so sure.  I had a hard time sleeping last night.  I hate sleeping on my back and my hubby was snoring.  I find it very hard to fall asleep on my back and with the additional noise from my hubby. . . .

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