Our 1st experience with Fresh Artichokes & Link to Recipe

Jaycee and I bought full-sized fresh artichokes before, but we forgot to use them before they went bad.  So, we tried again with baby artichokes.  They're so cute.  We looked up how to prepare baby artichokes and went to town peeling. 
We made quite a mess!
 After we had them all peeled and ready, I found a great recipe by Guy Fieri
for Roasted Baby Artichokes.  Unfortunately, I already had them cut the way I had seen online and that's not how Guy cut his.  But, they still turned out delicious!  They just weren't as cool looking as his. 
We goofed off with the artichokes for a bit before we prepared them!
Would I go to all the trouble to cook fresh artichokes again?  I would.  But, I don't think I'll do it every week!  Those little boogers are prickly!


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