Picture Time! Broadway at the Beach Myrtle Beach, SC

We've been back for over a month and I'm finally going to show you guys some pictures from Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach.  These are in no specific order.  .  .  just some storefronts, pictures of the kids, the rope course, etc.

Might as well start with a good one!

These are soaps from a bath and body store.  They look like yummy treats, don't they?
One of the MANY surf and beach stores in the area.  This one has a cool storefront, though.
 Sculptures at the fountain
A store that my dad stayed in for a while!
 Crabby Jill's
Me and my Starbucks and Crabby Jill, herself!
The Wonderworks building.  Drives my hubby crazy of course, since he's a carpenter and likes everything square.
The outside ropes course at Wonderworks.
Okay. . .  back to the real people.
My thrill-seeker looks thrilled, doesn't she?  This gives me hope.  At least we know she does have some fear inside of her.  It was harder for the smaller kids, though.  You're harnessed in and have to move the rope above you by yourself.  The farther away from the top you are, the harder it is to move.  My niece's rope actually got stuck in the track once.
Well, hello there!  This man is no stranger to harnesses.
My niece walking the tightrope.

Broadway at the Beach was a wonderful place to visit on vacation.  We had a lot of fun!  Have you visited the Myrtle Beach area before?

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