Stone Fruit Sangria

When I saw the Stone Fruit Sangria from my Pinterest post last week, I knew I wanted to make it!  It worked out especially well since I had just bought big packages of plums and nectarines from Aldi's.

I was going to use Martha Stewart's recipe, but when I went to the store, I could only find one type of Sauvignon Blanc and it was out of my price range. 
That's what happens when you go to a drug store instead of a wine or grocery store.   So, I chose a Pinot Grigio instead.  And because it was a drug store, I also could not buy peach liqueur.  So, I had to be a little creative there, too!  Because of that, this Sangria is not your typical sweet sangria.  It is a little drier.  But, because of that, my hubby and friend said that they would even drink it!

My plums were SO red that they turned my white sangria pink. 
Like the container?  I had to get creative.  All of my glass pitchers and carafes are in the attic, patiently waiting until the house addition is done!  So, I used one of my glass vases that I got for twenty five cents at a garage sale.  It worked!  

Stone Fruit Sangria
1 bottle of Pinot Grigio, chilled
8 oz. of Peach Tea (I used Snapple)
8 oz. of Ginger Ale, chilled
1 Nectarine, sliced
2 Plums, sliced
10 cherries, pitted

Place all fruit in pitcher.
Pour wine and tea in.
Chill for at least an hour.
Before drinking, add the Ginger Ale.

By the end of the night when the wine was gone, we had a nice little snack with all of the fruit!

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