We have bad luck with on-time flights!!

My poor mom.  We dropped her off at the airport today around 3:00.  We didn't need to have her there until 4:00, but we were done playing at McDonald's with the kids. . . . because it was so flippin' cold in there!  Go figure!  This weather has been so crazy hot we're setting records all across the country.  And the day that my Mom, Jaycee and I went to Amish country was the hottest day NE Ohio has had in 17 years!  It was 106 degrees in the shade at my great aunt's house! 

BUT. . . .  it was too cold in McDonald's, so my mom told me that we could just take our time driving to the airport.  So, she got there at 3:00.  And it's a small airport, so getting through security usually takes less than 10 minutes!  After we dropped her off we came home for a few minutes and then it was off to gymnastics for Jaycee and the gym for me.  The gym was closed last week and I did not do a great job of working out by myself last week.  So, it was about time.  

I got home and was putzing around on the computer, making sure there wasn't anything pressing that I needed to take care of and my sister called.  She called to tell me that she didn't really say what my cousin said she said.  Did you follow that?  When I posted on Facebook the other night about my gorgeous lip, my cousin posted back that my sister was there and she had called me "stupid".  And that is something my cousin would totally do on her own.  Yes, we're in our 40's.  All of us now.  And this stuff still goes on.  It's all in fun.  But, my sister wanted to make sure that I knew that she did NOT say that.  

And, while I was talking to my sister, I remembered that I should have checked on Mom's flight to see if she was almost home yet.  Yeah Right!!  By the time I checked, which was an hour and a half AFTER she was supposed to leave, she was still sitting on the ground here in NE Ohio!  I felt so bad.  Now, it happened to her both ways.  We will probably never fly THAT airline again.  I seriously don't know why I keep getting tickets on that airline.  It might have also been the airline I used when I flew down last year and got stuck in the airport with my kids for an extra two hours unsure of whether we had seats together.  You can read that whole story HERE, although I seem to have forgotten in that post to tell you about the part when they told me our seats weren't together.  I told them, "Trust me.  No one else is going to want to sit with these kids."  They told me I could have the seats switched at the gate.  I went to the gate and the gate agent told me the gate had been changed.  I went to the new gate and they told me that it wasn't there, they had switched it back to the other gate.  So, they didn't have a gate for my plane so that someone could help me.  I walked back and forth between those two gates several times.  I think they finally switched it back to the original gate, but then the flight was delayed two hours. 

Note to MOM:  Sorry you got stuck in airports so much on your short trip, mom!!!

Have you guys had many problems with flights being on time?  I've been stuck on the runway for 2 hours with a child in my lap before because they were changing the battery.  I've been stuck on the runway before because they were changing the "air conditioning card", I've been stuck on the runway before because they had to keep de-icing the planes.  My hubby and I almost didn't make a flight one time because the ticket counter didn't open until 5:00 a.m. and the flight left at 6:00 a.m. and the airline was NO help trying to get everyone through.  And that gate agent was extremely rude.  And you know. . . . they shouldn't tell you to arrive at the airport 2 hours early if their darn ticket counter isn't even going to be open!!  I've had flights cancelled because of hurricanes. . . . 

You guys, I don't fly that often!!  There are usually around 10,000 flights that they are tracking at any given time in a single day.  That's a lot of flights.   I've probably only flown 15 roundtrips in my life!   And half of my flights have had incidents.  That's crazy, right?  Do I have seriously bad traveling luck?  


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