Really Yahoo Search-- I can buy that?

I'm high risk for Melanoma, so a while ago I subscribed to any yahoo news searches that included the word "melanoma" in it.  Every now and then I get an email that says, "Yahoo Alerts: Keyword news: [melanoma]"
I haven't been checking that email account much, so I usually just end up deleting the yahoo news alerts and not reading them.  Tonight I decided to read the articles.  And then at the bottom of the email, it says, "See more news stories that match my keyword".  So, like a good little consumer of information, I clicked on it.  It brought up several articles about the same research being done.  The research looks promising--something about how interleukin-9 has been shown to inhibit melanoma growth.  I really hope that they've hit on something to help all of the people who have to cope with this disease.  But, then I looked in the sidebar and I see this:
Really?  No one wants to find Melanoma now!  It just struck me as funny--not in a good way.  But, I clicked on it anyway!  And it actually had a lot of good stuff that you could buy.  There were books that teach you what to look for and what melanoma is.  There were Tshirts for melanoma awareness.  There were books geared toward kids to help them understand what it is if they know someone who is going through it.  There were books on coping with skin cancers and melanomas.  So, the links weren't actually that bad.  But, the wording in the sidebars is just a little too weird for me!
And here's another one:
"Find :melanomas at Great Prices"

I think they need to change their wording on some of these ads!


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