I Love You More Than a Crayon #momlife

Reading the title, you might think that's something one of my kids said to me.  But, it's actually something I said to Future Fashionista.  We were using my big 96 count box of crayons on Saturday. (If they would have had the 128 count, I would have bought those!)
  It's a treat for Fashionista because those are MY crayons.  No one else is allowed to touch them!  They were so pretty and perfect when I bought them.  I wanted a box of crayons that hadn't been broken into tiny pieces with no wrappers.  We have tons of those in our house!  But those tiny little pieces are so hard for me to hold onto and color with.  And I love the point on new crayons.  Yes, like a car leaving the lot, the crayons are only "new" once.  Once you use them even a little bit, that gorgeous point is gone.  So, as you can imagine (if you're anything like me) there are rules when using my crayons.  

Yesterday, while I was cleaning the kitchen, Future Fashionista looked at me with a broken yellow crayon in her hand and said, "This is my crayon."
She had been using my crayons again and broke one of my yellow crayons.  I said, "Baby, is that my yellow crayon?"  She stood by her story and said that it was hers.  I asked again, "Baby, are you sure that's not my yellow crayon?"  She said, "yes, it's yours"  I told her that it was okay and that I loved her more than a crayon.  

I think a lot of times we get so caught up in our rules and our cleaning and our jobs or blogs and our (insert anything "important" here) that our kids begin to think that that stuff is more important to us.  But, of course it's not.  I really just want my kids to follow some rules and to not think that everyone in the world is going to drop everything just for them at the drop of a hat.  

But, sometimes (most of the time), they need to know that they are the most important thing.  And they are. . . . . that's why there are rules and why I don't drop everything all at once for them all the time.  They need to learn that the world does not revolve around them while they are still at home.  They need to learn how to take care of themselves, etc.  But, they also need to know that they are wholly and completely loved.  So, they need to know that they are more important than a crayon or an expensive vase or fingerprints on windows or crumbs on the floor or any other reason we might get frustrated with them.

Plus, they need to learn that they can tell us anything, even if they think we will get angry or frustrated.  I want my daughter to know that she can come to me with the truth no matter what. . . . that mommy isn't going to fly off the handle for small stuff.  I've heard a quote that's something about "if your kids can't come to you for the small stuff, they will NEVER come to you about the big stuff"   I want my kids to know this!  And that I love them.  So, I really need to focus on practicing this now.

Kids lying about breaking stuff always reminds me of the Veggie Tales movie "Larry Boy and the Fib from Outerspace".  

One of the small veggies breaks something of his father's and tries to blame it on someone else.  Then that kids gets in trouble.  Then I think he changes the story and blames it on yet another kid.  Finally the truth comes out and the father tells him, "Don't you know I love you more than a ____?"  I just want you to tell me the truth. 

I found a great parenting website with an article called 
"Why kids lie and what to do about it"  I thought it was pretty interesting when it talked about giving consequences and not discussing it and talking about it to death--my own words.  You have to sign up with your email to read the whole article, but I think I'll like receiving emails from them.  The website is "Empowering Parents".

I'm sure some of you out there are like me and probably need to work on letting your kids know that they are more important than _____________.  But, I'm also sure that there are some of you out there that react well every time.  Which side are you on?

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