If you were a fly on the wall in my house this week

You might have heard this:

*"A bird pooped on my nose!  A bird pooped on my nose!"

*Doing rhyming words. . . . . 
                                           Me: Tree
                                      Jaycee:  Knee
                                           Me:  Box
                                      Jaycee:  Toxic

                                          Me:  Box doesn't rhyme with toxic, that would be 'boxic'--that's not a word!
                                     Jaycee (without missing a beat): Yes it is.  It's when you throw up in a box.

Get it?  Boxic=Box Sick.  Clever girl.

*"Do they have the hose on the trampoline again?"

*"Trying to get a bird-nest down with a hose is NOT the way to do it.  Never try to do it" -- I was wondering what all the screaming and giggling was about.  And don't worry--it was an abandoned bird's nest.  It did not have any current occupants.

*"Are you still on your period?" -- My hubby's way of initiating amorous activities. 

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