Video Update | My hubby's exciting news, Thanks! and 7 Random Facts

It's a rainy day here in Northeast Ohio, so it's a good day to make a video.  Here are some updates about things that are going on.  The beginning is kind of slow, so bare with me!  
Here is the link to Angela's blog:
Half-Past Normal

Thanks again, Angela!

I'll give you guys more info on my hubby's trip as things get closer.  It's exciting for him.  He is one of only 43 BASE jumpers from around the world who are going.  For those of you who don't know, BASE stands for
*Span (Bridge)

BASE jumpers use parachutes to jump off of the fixed objects listed above.

He has been BASE jumping for about as long as we've been married, maybe a year longer.  He's usually on the staff at Bridge Day in West Virginia every October.  He's very excited about this opportunity and I'm excited for him.  I hope he gets lots of good pictures!

Since I'm not going to have time to nominate anyone else for the Versatile Blogger award, everyone tell me One random fact about yourself in the comments!


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