Excited about what I found at Aldi today!

 This is NOT a sponsored post.  I'm just excited about what I found today. 

I started shopping at Aldi several years ago because I had heard that they have good deals.  On my first trip, I kind of knew what to expect, but wasn't exactly sure about the process.  For instance, I had read that you needed a quarter for the shopping carts.  I remember asking a customer in the parking lot if you still needed a quarter for the shopping carts.  He answered me with some smarty-pants remark.  But, I had never been there before so I didn't know!  As I said, I didn't know the process--put quarter in--release chain--drive shopping cart.  And I probably had to buy my bags that first time because I didn't bring my own.

I shop at Aldi because there are a lot of items that I can get cheaper than I would be able to get at other stores even if I doubled a coupon on sale items!  I try to buy as much organic stuff as I can, but sometimes snacks and stuff are just way too expensive to buy organic.  So, I figured if I'm not buying organic, I can at least spend as little money as possible.  So, I buy a lot of my snacks at Aldi.  I have had good luck with everything so far.  The only item that I've found that I don't like as much as another store brand is graham crackers.  Other than that I've been extremely pleased.  My staples from Aldi that I usually don't buy anywhere else are chicken nuggets, frozen salmon, turkey bacon, cheese crackers, peanut butter cheese crackers, granola bars, oatmeal, etc. 

I took a friend with me today who had never been before and we were browsing.  Imagine my surprise when I found organic string cheese!!  I was so excited.  And then I found organic apple juice and organic canned tomatoes.  These are "Limited Time" items, but I'm hoping that they are testing them.  I bought as many as I could, because I believe that you should let your money do the talking.  I am so excited and I hope that their "testing" phase goes well.  I would be extremely excited to see some more organic items at Aldi!  Then, they might become the only grocery store I shop at.

Have you shopped at Aldi?  I'm also excited that it looks like they're opening one in my hometown back in Florida~~not that that matters more than once a year.  But, Woo Hoo!!

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