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Today's featured Handmade Crafter is Donna from StyleOnTop.  Here she is to introduce herself!
I am a happily married woman with a passion for crafting. I am studying Psychology Online so I have lots of time between sessions for crafting.    I also love teaching others how to do simple crafts.
I don't have a Blog yet.  
I started crafting when I was in grade school.   Usually over Thanksgiving break my mom, grandma, aunt and I would spend Thanksgiving day doing crafts for Christmas Presents before dinner. Over the years I just started doing them on my own.   Being a "crafty" person has saved me many times.   When I am working on crafts, I do not have time to think!  Honestly, I love doing ALL kinds of crafts. I guess you could say that whatever I am really into at the moment is my favorite craft. 
 I have been selling my crafts for probably 10 years. I usually go to craft fairs in the fall and sell there. I have tried the flea market here in my town, but that didn't go very well.  
My Facebook store is called StyleOnTop--no spaces between the words. I am still working on getting everything placed on the page. It is taking a very long time!  Here are some of my bows.  
Click on bows to be taken to  the StyleOnTop Facebook page to see more hairbows!

Photo: 15.  This is a purple bow with a white and black design on it.  It is attached to a ponytail holder.

Cost is $4Photo: 6.  This is a large purple bow with black and white flower pattern on it.  it is attached to a large black stretchy headband.

Cost is $5Photo: 27.  This dark brown fabric bow has big pink polka dots on it and is attached to a ponytail holder.

Cost is $4

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