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 This month, we will be having Handmade Feature Crafters/Artisans on Tuesdays and Fridays.  Here to introduce herself is Heidi from Critters for Coryn
In three sentences: Nowadays I'm a mother first and foremost but I'm
also a crafter, writer, military wife, and daughter of God. I started
crocheting as a hobby but when we were living in Japan, word got
around and people started approaching me in the commissary asking me
if I was the "crochet lady." Now I get fidgety if I don't get my daily
yarn fix.

I've done general crafting all my life, but I taught myself to crochet
in middle school and that's been my longest lasting hobby. I'm a major
pack rat who has always had difficulty throwing stuff away. If it
weren't for my neat freak husband my house would definitely be
featured on Hoarders.

I love the portability of crochet. I try to have a ball of yarn and a
crochet hook in my bag at all times just in case I'm stuck somewhere.

I started doing craft fairs when we were in Japan and because the
community was so small, I was soon getting special orders from
complete strangers as word got around that I could make stuff. My
husband rolled his eyes a bit when I brought my "critters" to my first
craft fair but was impressed when I brought home over $300, and he's a
hard man to impress. I've had less luck selling online because there
is a lot of competition out there in this particular category, but
since the critters are taking over the house I have to try and unload

I share a lot of my projects on Facebook under "Critters for Coryn"
and that is also my Etsy handle
http://www.etsy.com/shop/CrittersforCoryn. I'm also on Pinterest and
sort of on Twitter though I rarely use it and mostly only share other
people's links.
My favorite items I make are my "Critters" especially my fish and
other original designs.

I am featuring several hats in preparation for costume season,
however, and am especially proud of my Kitty Hat:

I really enjoy doing special orders. It challenges me and keeps things
from getting boring. I always tell my friends if they can imagine it,
somebody out there has probably made it, and if I can't find a pattern
from a Google search then I'll make up my own. . .and yes,
occasionally a request has made me scratch my head (a hat designed to
look like a cartoon character I've never heard of; a "biker" baby hat)
but I've always managed to figure out something and I love the triumph
of discovering a new way to play with yarn.

Thanks for stopping by Heidi!  I would love to learn to crochet and then I could use some of the patterns on your blog!  Maybe I'll put "learn to crochet" on my 50 before Fifty List.  

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And if you are a handmade crafter who would like to be featured, email me at heartfeltbalancehandmadelife(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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