My memories come to me via all my senses

Monday's NaBloPoMo prompt is
Wordsworth called memory the "inward eye." Are your memories more sight-based, or do they concern sound, taste, touch, or smell?

And Tuesday's is:
Which sense is more important to you: vision or hearing?

Since I missed yesterday's post because of a tea room visit and it being Monday and GoDaddy going down, I'm going to combine these two today.

I really truly believe that most of my memories involve senses other than sight.  Sight is so limited when it comes to memories.  I don't think we remember things visually as well as we think we do.  If you are reminiscing over photos it's one thing.  But, you have to actually have the photos in front of you. 

I read somewhere that smell is actually our strongest sense for memory retrieval.  I really would have to agree.  Smells bring back so many different memories.  Quick!  Tell me what you think of when you smell pumpkin pie?  Or the smell of a pile of wet leaves?  What do you think of when you smell cinnamon?  Most of these smells would bring back warm and cozy feelings of being part of a family.  And it's no different for me.  Maybe that's why there are so many fragrant items out there.  All of these items bring back memories and we want more!!  We want to feel comfortable and have warm and fuzzy feelings.

There is a certain perfume (and I have no idea what it is) that reminds me of my freshman year in college and all of the parties that we went to.  One of my best friends wore it all the time.  The perfume "Pleasures" reminds me of when I worked at Wet Seal when I lived in Tallahassee because one of the sales girls wore it all the time.  Sunflowers perfume reminds me of when I went to Daytona to meet up with my hubby 8 months after we met.  The smell of Gain laundry detergent reminds me of my sister.  The smell of Honeydew candles reminds me of living alone in my apartment when I moved home after Tallahassee. 

The smells from any given things bring back not just memories, but feelings of how we felt at the time that we were originally smelling whatever it was.   I have a friend who had chronic sinus infections and had so many surgeries that she has completely lost her sense of smell.  I feel very bad for her.  I would miss everything that the sense of smell could bring to me.

As far as which sense is more important to me between vision or hearing?  I would have to say vision.  I would miss music and the sound of my kids' voices.  But, I would also miss seeing them.  I love all of the colors and the beauty in the world.  I would definitely miss seeing more than I would miss hearing. 

What do you think?  Which would you miss more?  Seeing or hearing?

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