Online Math Practice for Kids

Logan needs a little extra help with math this year.  So, I went searching for math help online.  Here are some great resources I've found.  I hope that these links will help you with your math needs as well!

For timed math facts this one is great.  It's a one minute quiz that kids can play online.  When the minute is up, it tells you how many the child answered correctly and how many were incorrect. 

I found some great worksheets at  
They have worksheets for all grade levels in Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Math and Coloring.  I printed several from this site.

 Has printable worksheets and it also has online Flash Cards.  I'm going to try to get Logan to do the addition facts with sums up to 19.    You can find that here:  Online addition flashcards has timed math drill worksheets.   They have them separated by grade level.  For example, the first grade timed sheets have 40 or 50 problems on them and the second grade worksheet has 100 problems on it.  It's meant to be timed.  Give the child the worksheet a pencil and set the timer for 5 minutes.

Have you ever used any of the educational websites online to help your kids with studying, practicing or learning?

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