Something Here Is Not Like the Others

Something here is not like the others.   Can you find it?  Via September 2012
I went up to clean off FF's loft since we're moving her stuff into her new room.  I was looking around for an empty bin that's supposed to hold Little People stuff and then I saw the object in question.  I should have known the other day that she was into my. . . .um . . . . personal items, when she walked out with a tampon and asked me what it was.

At least I didn't go up into the loft to see new "wallpaper" made out of the item in question in the picture above.  I wouldn't put it past her.  They do have sticky backs ya' know!  And the girl loves to stick stuff on stuff.  

Case in point:
This blue foam flower does not belong on our bathroom vanity.  And I've obviously tried to take it off.  It didn't work.  Thank goodness that at some point this bathroom will be remodeled.

And today, this is how I found our napkin holder. . . . well, I didn't technically "find" it.  She pointed it out.
I wonder why I keep buying her craft supplies.  They end up everywhere.  Especially since she can just go under the bathroom sink and find puffy stickers.  ;)

What funny things have your kids done?

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