Top 10 Reasons I'm looking forward to my walk-in Closet

Our addition is moving along quite well.  The tile has been installed in the walk-in shower in the master Bath.  All of the rooms have been painted.  We'll be getting our carpet in three of the rooms on Thursday.  So, at that point, three of our rooms will be ready for us to "move in".  We'll be moving our bed and my clothes into our Master bedroom.  And we'll be moving Jaycee into our current bedroom.  Then eventually, Jaycee's room will become part hallway/part Master bedroom closet.

I have never had a real walk-in closet before.  We had a small one at the last house that had wire shelves on both sides so that you could hang, stack or fold items.  But, it wasn't a true walk-in.  I know it seems extravagant to have a walk-in closet, but we're building this addition for pennies on the dollar that most people might pay.  And we're looking at it as an investment in our future.  The fact is walk-in closets can add value to our house.  So, that is reason number one on my list.

Top 10 reason I'm looking forward to my walk-in closet
  1. It will hopefully add value for potential future buyers
  2. It will have a door.  When we moved into our house, all of the bedroom closets had sliding doors.  You know the kind where you can only see half of your closet at a time? And the doors don't slide well?  And sometimes fall off the track?  Well I yanked those doors off everyone's closets and told my hubby I would divorce him if he ever put those kind of doors on the closets again.  True story.  Of course I was kidding, but I really can't stand those doors.  So, this closet will have a normal door since it's a walk-in closet.  It's a silly thing, but you can't know how happy that one design element is going to make me.
  3. I will be able to put my shoes on shelves.  Right now they are hanging in one of those fabric over the door shoe holders.  This is one thing my hubby can't stand!  This is definitely one thing he is looking forward to.  To say that he dislikes the one on our door now is really an understatement.  There is no "sneaking" into our room right now, because the shoe holder swings and hits the door and makes so much noise! 
  4. I can "hide" my stuff from my kids (and their friends).  At this point, my bedroom is on the main hallway and the kids have a habit of getting into my room and playing in my shoes and jewelry.  I don't have anywhere to hide my real jewelry right now.  It's just mixed in with all of my costume jewelry.  That's why picking out a jewelry safe is just as important as other design aspects in my closet.  Even if the kids manage to get into my closet, they won't be able to get into my real jewelry any more.  Not that my jewelry has high value--but some of it has been passed down through generations in my family.  It definitely has sentimental value.  And I don't want it lost because my daughter and her friends are playing dress up.
  5. I will be able to have my summer clothes and my winter clothes in my closet at the same time.  There will be no more need for dragging boxes down and switching everything out.  There will be enough room to have everything where it belongs all year round.  That will save me time and sanity during the changes of the season.
  6. It will be easier to clean.  Hopefully it won't be jam-packed and I will be able to dust around everything, instead of having to pull everything out just to vacuum the corners.
  7. It will be better organized.  I will be able to spread everything out and like items will be with each other instead of hanging on those multiple item hangers.  T-shirts can be with t-shirts and they can be single hung.  Sweaters will be folded on a shelf by color.  Jeans will be hung together.  Shorts will be hung together.
  8. I will hopefully have a place to iron.  Right now I iron everything on the floor on a towel.  I would rather have my iron and ironing board in my closet than in the laundry room.  That way, if something needs to be ironed, it's right there.  Because let's face it. . . I'm never going to iron everything as it comes out of the dryer anyway.
  9. It will help the bedroom look less chaotic and more peaceful.  Right now I don't have anything that matches in my bedroom.  I have "buy a matching bedroom set" on my 50 before Fifty list.  But, this closet really eliminates the need for that.  Because truthfully, I won't need to have a dresser in the bedroom.  It can just go in the closet and the whole matching furniture issue is solved.  Well. . . . for the most part.  I guess I'll still have to have nightstands that match the headboard/footboard, etc.
  10. I can have a bigger mirror so that I can check myself before I leave for anywhere.  That way I can make sure there are no kid stains on any part of my clothes before I leave.  Maybe I'll put a three-way mirror in there!  That way I'll be able to see all angles.  I won't ever leave the house with a mud stain or marker stain in a hard to see place again!
 As I said, I know that this seems like an extravagant luxury item.  But, it really is costing us peanuts to do.  And hopefully it will help us sell the house in the future.  So, it really is an investment for us.  What would be your reasoning for wanting a walk-in closet?  Or if you have one already, what features do you love on yours?  We're still in the design phase so we could take any and all suggestions!

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