Why our first theme park trip was hubby-free

Picture the scene:  it’s a beautiful summer day, the sky is blue and all is right with the world.  Birds are creating sweet, cheerful songs and leading us to a beautiful castle.  There are princesses and fairies and boys who can fly!  Everyone is always smiling.  And even when the horses poop, there’s someone there to clean it up immediately!  People sing on the streets and everyone is excited with anticipation for their day.
 It’s a magical place. . . . . until you take my hubby there.  I’ve heard an old tale of a time my hubby went with his family.  I suppose he was in junior high or high school.  He and his family went.  As the story goes, they were at the most magical place on Earth for less than a couple hours.  It was hot, they said.  The lines were too long, they said.  So, they left and never came back.

I’m from Florida.   So I’ve been to Disney many, many times starting the first year it opened when I was only a toddler (although I don’t remember that trip!).  I don’t want
 the wonderful memories that I do have scarred by the person I vowed to love forever.  Because after the first complaint in line I might decide to call an Orlando divorce lawyer and just start the proceedings right then and there.  I kid, of course.  But, don’t mess with my memories of the happiest place on Earth! 

For all my hubby’s strengths—he’s funny, kind-hearted, a hard worker, a good daddy—he definitely doesn’t have much patience when it comes to waiting. He becomes a beast to deal with!  And that’s one of the things that frustrates me.  It’s especially frustrating if I’m supposed to be having a good time OR, if I’m already dealing with impatient kids.  Do I really need another person sighing those deep, heavy sighs and whining because it’s hot?  NO!  So, the kids and I went without him the first time. 

I would love to be that family in the commercial that laughs and plays and spins in circles with smiles on our faces.  But, we’re not there yet!  I hope that we do get a chance to go together before the kids get too big.   I’m planning to go again next year!!  Maybe if I ask my hubby now he’ll have enough time to mentally prepare.  Because I’m going no matter what!   And this is the only beast I want to deal with~~
Does your whole family do the theme park thing together?

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