Egg Carton Pumpkin Patch Hayride Craft

I orginally did this post on my Making it from Page to Table blog.  It turned out really cute and was always one of our favorite kids Halloween crafts.  We ALWAYS have egg cartons around because we eat so many eggs.  This is definitely a fun way to use those egg cartons for crafts during the Fall and Halloween season!

I've seen egg carton pumpkins around the blogosphere and planned on doing an egg carton pumpkin.  But, since my hubby and I are kind of like Tim "The Toolman" Taylor when it comes to stuff--we must have Type A personalities--I decided to take it to a whole new level!

We painted the whole egg carton orange
and I thought, "hmmmm. . . pumpkin patch!".  And so it began and evolved into a hayride full of pumpkins.

What you need
18 cup cardboard egg carton
Orange acrylic paint
paint brush
Sharpie marker
Pine straw
paper clip
green pipe cleaners
Craft sticks (12)
grey acrylic paint
floral wire to wire wheels on
Truck to "pull" wagon

How To
Paint an 18 egg cardboard carton orange (upside down) and let dry
Draw faces on with a Sharpie marker
Poke holes in top of "pumpkins" and stick curled or straight pieces of green pipe cleaner in for stems
 Hot glue pieces of pine straw around pumpkins to look like hay
Glue wooden craft sticks on to make it look like wagon
Cut and Paint another strip of 6 cups from egg carton grey or black to be tires
 Wire grey tires to bottom of egg carton "wagon"
Find a tractor or truck to "pull" the wagon
Attach a little sign that says "Hayride $3"

If you're interested in Egg Carton crafts for other seasons, check out this post:

Egg cartons are so useful in crafts!  What have you used yours to make?

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