Fall Festival Pics | Cold and Rain couldn't keep us away!

Last Saturday was a cold, windy and rainy day.  Add to that a couple hungry kids and it could have been a disaster!  But, we braved the cold and rain as long as we could and had a little fun.  There is a local farm up here in Northeast Ohio called Mapleside Farms.  It changed ownership last year and business has been booming.  You might remember the big, yellow jumpy pillow from our Summer Fest pictures last year.
This is supposed to be "the longest slide in the US", but they wouldn't let us on it because it was sprinkling.  Boo!  We should have seen if we could get a rain check.
We went into the corn maze.  And when we had found about half of the things that we were supposed to find, it started raining and Jaycee decided she was through!
I wish we would have had better weather, but it was still fun!  They went back on the big, jumpy pillow with a bunch of kids after this picture and jumped for quite a while!  We didn't get to do the hayride or the long slide, though.  Maybe next year!!
What kind of fun Fall things have you been doing?

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