Featured Handmade Crafter | Priscilla from Prisma Designs

Hi everyone!  I'm very happy to Welcome Priscilla of Prisma Designs as the Featured Handmade Crafter.  Here she is to introduce herself!

*Tell us about yourself in three sentences
I am a Christian first and everything else in my life has to align with those principles. I am a mother and grandmother that has an array of interests;  I  enjoy trying my hand and mind at new arts & crafts, upcycling, history, and living a “less is more” lifestyle .
*Do you have a blog?
Not an advent blogger yet; but you can find me at www.prismadesigns@blogspot.com
*How and when did you begin crafting
About 25 years ago as a mother of 6 I did know it was crafting but found it as a means of survival, relaxing, and pure FUN!
*What is your favorite craft to do?
It varies but yarn and paper crafts seem to be of interest now
*How long have you been selling your services/crafts?
Offically it has been about 2 years now?
*How can we find you? (facebook, etsy, blog, twitter, pinterest, etc)
You can find my store at www.prismadesigns.webs.com

Anything else you'd like to cover?
I am also a professional and creative writer and upcoming author of How to Make $1 out of 50¢, Look out for the book release, January 08, 2013

Thank you for stopping by Priscilla!  I think your crocheted items are really cute!  Good Luck during the coming holiday season!

If you are a Handmade Crafter who is trying to sell your crafts, I would love to feature you!  Email me at heartfeltbalancehandmadelife@yahoo.com with "handmade" in the subject line.

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