Honey! Why is there a tricycle in the tree?

I feel like maybe there should be a Dr. Seuss book that has this phrase in it!  
"Why is there a tricycle in the tree?"  

I was working around the house doing the usual--laundry, cleaning, etc. and I looked out the window and saw this.  When I asked for an explanation, the kids gave me an explanation that only a 5 or 8 year old could understand.

 I heard "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, treehouse"

Or, it looks like maybe something just went reeeeaaaaally in the wrong direction. . . . like up a tree.  I don't know!  LOL  The joys of being a mother.  

In other Saturday news. . . . . . I was sweeping the porch and saw a spider, which I thought was one of those fake spiders, because the sucker was BIG (by Ohio standards, anyway!)  And then it moved.  I called for my hubby, who was way up on his ladder trying to put siding on the house.  But, I really thought that he had to come see this!  My hubby and kids found a container to put him in.  And then the kids tried to feed him bugs.  At one point there was lots of high pitched screaming.  I can only assume that they were trying to get the lid back on quickly before he came out and gave them a big ol' bite and welt to match.
You'll have to forgive the pictures of the spider.  I was NOT going to open the lid to get a better picture of him!  

Here's my hubby on the ladder putting up the siding.  Gotta love a handy hubby.  He also changed the brakes on the van today.  My hubby rocks!

Future Fashionista asked me to go to church today.  So, FF and I might make it to church for the first time in a very long time.  Then my 'Noles come on tonight at 8:00!!
Go 'Noles!!

Oh. . . . . and I'm typing this from my new laptop.  I'm trying to get used to it as I generally don't like working on laptops.  But, it seems okay so far.  We got a little inexpensive one, just so that I won't be hogging the home computer so much anymore.  You should see my hubby and me fighting over that thing!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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