Our weekend in mediocre pictures

Between not being a very good photographer in the first place and not having my usual photo software on this computer, I take some pretty mediocre pictures!  But, here for your viewing pleasure is our weekend in mediocre pictures.
Jaycee pressed leaves into homemade playdough.
We got dressed up in our 'Noles gear!  And they won!  Woo Hoo!
We ate clams, while we were happy as . . . .
We drove go-karts (dune buggies?)
I got to check off one of the things on my 50 before Fifty list!  I planted Tulip bulbs.  And Jaycee helped me on the first few.  I planted 30 today before the rain came.  I still have 30 to go.  I'll be happy if ONE plant comes up!  I'll be ecstatic if 10 come up!  Now, we'll have to just wait until Spring to see how it goes.  Tulips are like the gift we get in the Spring for surviving the long, hard winter.
We chased bugs that were too fast for the camera. . . . . with the camera.
We jumped on trampolines
We cooked a chicken with a lemon in it.  At least two people asked, "Why is there a lemon in this chicken?"  The answer?  "Because it was a Martha Stewart recipe and that's what she said to do"
We worked on the tile floor in the Master bath
And Jaycee literally climbed the walls. . . . because there wasn't anything better to do.
What did you do this weekend?

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