Red Skinnies | Fashion inspiration from Pinterest

I have decided I really want a pair of red skinny jeans!  Here is some fashion inspiration from Pinterest for how to style red skinny jeans. 

Update on July 7, 2015: 
Unfortunately, all of the photos were removed from Pinterest.  I probably did it while I was cleaning up my style board without realizing it!

What you need to know:
There were really cute pictures of red skinny jeans styled in several different ways.  I never did end up with my red skinny jeans!  Now, I think I'm moving on to different colors and styles. . . . I did originally post this almost 3 years ago!  And you know how quickly fashion changes!  If we really, really need a new red skinny jean post, I'd be happy to Polyvore one! 

Red skinnies come in colors from light red to dark red and fabrics from stretch denim, to regular denim to leather.  They are easy to make casual or dressier depending on what you pair with them.  I prefer to pair them with blue denim or black and white.  But, you could get crazy and pair them with turquoise.  I LOVE turquoise and red together. 

Red Skinnies

Which is your favorite way to wear skinny jeans?  Are you over the trend now? 

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