The last 9 additions to the 50 before Fifty list!

Finally, finally!  I've come up with my last 9 things I needed to add to my 50 before Fifty list.
Here they are.  And I'm done coming up with things.  Whew!  Now, on to actually accomplishing the list.  You can see how I'm doing at the 50 before Fifty tab above. 
42. Get braces (again) for these crazy crooked teeth.
43. Go skiing.
44. Clear up these crazy toenails. Taking the generic of Lamisil now. Wish me luck and prayers for good health while on the crazy drug.
45. Go to a hockey game.
46. See a scary movie with my hubby and cuddle up with him.
47. Take the kids to a Florida State Football game.
48. Learn to knit.
49. Go for a spa weekend.
50. Go to a blogging conference.
My hubby and I are watching TV on the Animal Planet and a preview for "Finding Bigfoot" was on.  I started giggling and asked him if I should put "Find Bigfoot" on my list.  What do you think?  Which thing should I take off the list so that I can find bigfoot? 

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