The time my hubby surprised me for my Birthday!

So, my birthday has come and gone this year.  Usually, my birthday is no big deal anyway.  I'm not thrilled about getting older.  But, as my stepmother has said before, "It's better than the alternative, right?"  And, yes. . . yes it is better than the alternative!  As I said, usually my birthday is no big deal.  I let it pass with very little      flash, glitz or fanfare.

But one year, my hubby decided to actually make a big deal out of my birthday.   Truthfully, I was planning on making a big deal, too.  It was the year I was turning forty, and I decided that I really should celebrate.  The only exception was that I did not know that my hubby was planning on making a big deal out of it.  I really wanted my hubby to tell this story.  Because I'm sure he would use much more colorful language. (wink,wink)

Let's just say that I didn't make his party planning very easy.
 Obviously, if you haven't figured it out by now, he was planning a SURPRISE party!  And there was so much going on at the time.  We had just begun construction on our front porch.  I don't know why he decided to do it when he did. (Although we are completely enjoying it now.)  I think my hubby just loves to be stressed out.  Also at the time, there was a lot going on at work with him.  I don't remember the details.  Maybe he was working out of town?

Since I didn't know about my surprise party, I started trying to make my own plans.  I started calling people.  I planned my outfit.  These were the shoes, tiara and sunglasses I was going to wear.
 I had everything planned down to the bracelets.  Since my birthday frequently falls on Labor Day weekend, I was planning on wearing my glitzy stuff and watching the air show from a local restaurant/bar's deck.  I LOVE the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds. OR, I figured my girlfriends and I could go out to dinner and get a hotel and just have fun.  I was making plans, people!  

Then one day over the summer, I was looking online and found cheap airfare to go home to Florida for a couple weeks.  I was so excited I cried, because I hadn't been home in a couple years.  I remember, my hubby was working on the front porch and I asked him if the kids and I could fly home.  He said, "Of course!"  He was just excited that we'd be out of the way so that he could finish the porch in time for my surprise party! 

What I didn't know was that after I called or emailed each of my friends to try to make plans for my birthday, he was going behind me calling and emailing them telling them to make up some excuse about why they couldn't come for my birthday.  Also, when I was leaving Florida, my stepmom told me that she and my dad were planning to come up for my birthday.  They had decided to all conspire against me with my hubby so that I would STOP trying to make plans for my birthday!

The day rolled around when I was supposed to be picking up my dad and stepmom from the airport.  And my stepmom called me and said "I don't want you going to the airport by yourself to pick us up.  It's late at night and it's not safe for you."  I argued. . . . of course.  But, she and my hubby won and he went to pick them up from the airport.  When he got back from the airport with them, it wasn't them!!!  It was my sister and my mom.  My sister and my mom can tell you about my face when I answered the door.  I was so confused!  They thought I was disappointed.  But, I wasn't.  I was utterly and totally confused.  All of the plans that I had made, I made for my dad and stepmom who wouldn't mind imbibing a few drinks with me.  My mom and sister don't drink.  So, I had to re-think all of my plans.

We ended up going shopping the next day.  .  .  with the kids.  Shopping with kids is not necessarily my idea of fun.  Then we went to McDonald's, because apparently it still wasn't time for me to be at the party.  At that point, I was still trying to call friends to see if they wanted to go out with me that night.  In hindsight, my one friend is a very bad liar!  

We drove to my house and my sister was driving for some reason.  I can't even remember why now.  Is that why they insisted I have a glass of wine at lunch?  LOL  And she said, "Which house is yours?"  I said, "It's the one next to the one with all of the cars in the. . . . . . Hey!  Wait a minute!  That's my driveway with all of the cars!!!  What DID you guys DO?!?"    When I showed up, everyone had masks that looked like me.  They had taken all of my old school photos and made them into masks.  There were luminaries with my pictures, a video with old pictures of me.  It was a little embarrassing! 
(Wasn't I attractive with my perm, glasses and braces?. . . my hubby loves to make fun of me!)

But, I survived and I got some good gifts!  I received many, many bottles of wine, including a fairly decent bottle of champagne.   I received a bouquet of beautiful flowers.  I love the colors.  
 I received gift cards, lingerie and a wallet.  And I got the surprise of my life thanks to my hubby, my family and my friends.  So, my hubby deserved a smooch.
Have you ever been surprised on your birthday?

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