Color Choice for our Living Room | Examples of decorating with Blue

We will eventually be at the point when we'll need to choose paint colors for our living room.  Since I'm going to be trying out a gallon of the Benjamin Moore Aura Waterborne paint, I'm trying to choose the final color for our living room walls.  I was thinking about a dark blue, so I went to Polyvore to play around a bit.  Here are three of the living rooms that I came up with.  
Navy walls with burgundy and silver

Living room with Navy Walls, red and green

Living room with Navy Walls, red and green by hbhl on Polyvore

We were also trying to come up with a room with chambray colored walls for my friend.  Here's what we came up with for her.  My hubby liked this one the best I think, which is weird because he claims to not like brown.  So, we might actually try a chambray color instead of a dark blue.
Living room with chambray walls

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