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Please welcome Sandy Simmons.  She has written a book about soap making and wanted to share her story with us.
The Super Soap Making Secrets Ebook!
A few years ago, I was visiting at a friend’s house and helping her around her kitchen when I caught sight of her pantry and that many large tins of olive oil lining the side of the pantry closest to the door. What could she possibly need ALL that olive oil for? Upon asking, her reply was: “Oh, that’s for when my mom needs to make soap.”
This was my first introduction to home made soap. Naturally I knew that people used to make their own soap at home, but it never occurred to me to do it myself!
Following the visit to my friend’s house, I decided to try making my own soap. I started with the melt and pour method and eventually graduated to cold-process soap making. To my surprise, I loved it! Before I knew it, my unexpected hobby turned into an obsession!
While learning to make soap, I scoured the web for tips and tricks. At the time, I couldn’t really find too many. This is ultimately what inspired me to start my website, Super Soap Making. I wanted to build a community of soap makers that would help each other by sharing stories, discussing tips and tricks, and swapping recipes. It took three long years, but I now have an active soap making community that I write to daily, and who share their stories, tricks, and personal recipes with me. Whenever given permission, I share these stories and tricks with the rest of the community so everyone benefits.
In line with the creation of the website, I also decided to write the book, Super Soap Making Secrets. At first it was meant to be my own collection of recipes, but it evolved into something more. It became my‘ultimate’ contribution to the soap community.
The Super Soap Making Secrets eBook is an eBook anyone can pick up, read, and start making soap. I go through the different soap making procedures, I discuss essential oils, I give recipes, I give tips, I make recommendations, and I help solve common problems. Basically, it’s all about making soap! It gives you the tools you need, helps you perfect certain techniques, and it shows you how you can take the next step and turn your soap making hobby into a business while encouraging all soap makers to join the community of soap makers on the web! The fact that it can help sustain my hobby is a great bonus too!
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