I need a date night!

My kids are driving me absolutely batty.  And they're going to be home for the next four days.  Don't get me wrong.  You guys know I love my kids!  LOVE them!  But, I just need a break.  I woke up this morning and the first thing that popped into my head was, "I wish there was just one day that I didn't have to do anything." I wish I had one day all to myself, or one night when my hubby and I could go out and away from here.

I love the nights when my hubby and I can get a hotel, go out to dinner, have drinks together and then possibly go out dancing. Since those occasions happen very rarely, I love to make them special.
 I love to dress up and spend time making myself look good.  I know it's a silly thing at my age.  But, getting ready is part of the fun.  That's one thing I miss about being young(er).  I really enjoyed the whole getting ready process.

I like to wear a special dress and just look HOT!

When I go out for a special occasion with my hubby, getting ready is one of the best parts.  I like to "surprise" him.  I don't wear full-blown makeup very often anymore.  I usually have my "5 minute" makeup on if I wear makeup at all.  On special occasions I take my time and actually wear eyeliner, concealer and a different colored lipstick than my everyday color.  And then I have my big "reveal".

I also try to make sure I have something scented on.  As I said the other day, I don't have any perfumes right now.  But, even if I get scented body wash and lotions from a bath and body store, it makes it more special. Smell is the most powerful memory making sense we have.  I love to be able to connect a certain scent with a special occasion.  Then, every time I smell the scent it brings back good memories of the fun we've had.

I kind of wanted to wait until I was done taking my medication before we planned an overnight date.  I'm not really comfortable drinking alcohol while I'm taking it and I still have a little over a month left.  But MAN could I use a date night right now. . . . . . as in this very minute!  My hubby just asked me today if I wanted to go see one of his favorite comedians with him next month.  Maybe I'll just take that chance to get an overnight babysitter and we can have a full-blown date night.

How often are you able to have date nights with your hubby?

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