Love your flaws? Or fix them?

Similar to many people, I notice my flaws sometimes more than I notice my good points.  Why is it that we become fixated on things that we don't like about ourselves instead of the positive things?  Changing those things sometimes can help a person feel more confident about themselves.  It would be wonderful if we weren't a society so caught up in our personal looks.  But, we are.  I've tried to become more focused on "the inside" instead of what's on the outside. 

The funny thing is that we're so much harder on ourselves than we are on other people.
The same flaws that we have, we would probably find charming on someone else.  You guys know from my 50 before Fifty list that I want to get braces again.  I go through phases when I can't stand my teeth so bad that it makes me crazy.  And it's not just the way they look.  It's also the way they feel.  They just don't fit together right.  In this case, fixing the flaw would be more than just a cosmetic fix.  It would help me anatomically as well.  So, this flaw I'm still pretty focused on fixing at some point.
I used to have acne as a teenager and way into my twenties.  I have grown up and grown out of my acne.  But, now I have melasma from the many, many years in the sun and tanning beds.  If you look closely at my pictures, you can see it on my forehead.  Makeup doesn't even cover it.

 Melasma is a darkening in your skin.  You can see it on my forehead in the photo above.   It can be caused by many things, but is usually caused by hormones.  A lot of women get it on their face when they are pregnant.  Sometimes it goes away.  Sometimes it doesn't.  My hubby looked at me once this past year and said, "What's that brown spot on your forehead?"  I told him that it had been there forever!!  So, maybe if he only notices it every now and then it's not that bad.  But, I also have spots on my nose.  And with the forehead, if I wear bangs, you can't see it.  But, I very rarely wear bangs.
I was checking out the American Academy of Dermatology website and it lists several ways to treat melasma.  They range from using a hydroquinone cream which you can buy in most drug stores to dermabrasion which would need to be done by a doctor.  I've tried the hydroquinone creams before.  But, it's so hard for me to be consistent.  When I don't see results after a couple weeks, I forget about the cream.  I probably just don't use it long enough.  From what I've read about dermabrasion, people have had good success with it in these circumstances.  But, it requires a recovery period.  So, I would have to wait until a time when I'd have a couple weeks to rest and recover.  So, that's not going to happen any time soon with small children.  But, it's something to think about for the future.

For the most part, I don't let these two things affect my every day life.  But, it would be nice if they were corrected. 

Do you have things that you would fix if you could?  Or do you love all of your little flaws?  As I said, I know that I notice mine a lot more than other people do.  And of course, beauty is more than just the way you look.  Beauty comes from the soul.   And no matter what flaws I have, my kids will always think I'm beautiful!

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