Make the holiday season brighter by Giving Back! #GivingTuesday Nov. 27

Everyone knows when Black Friday and Cyber Monday are.  They are so well known, we start talking about them in September!  In the US, November begins our time of crazy shopping, trying to make sure we get the perfect thing for everyone on our list.  But, now there is a new movement in November to recognize another day-- Giving Tuesday. 
 In the middle of this holiday season, wouldn't it be nice to know that you've used your money for something good? 
There is a call to action to create a day of giving that will become as well-known as "Black Friday".  It will be called "Giving Tuesday".  The first one will be this year on November 27th.  The goal is to put giving upfront in November instead of it being an afterthought in December or January. 
Giving Tuesday is not about giving to one specific charity.  It's about giving back in a way that is meaningful to you.  It's a day when retailers, charities, online organizations, community centers, individuals and families will come together to make a difference in their communities. 
I know that I have been truly blessed in this life.  And it makes me feel good to be able to give something back.  I have a charity that I donate to monthly.  I have it automatically charged to my credit card so that I don't even have to think about it.  But, at this time of year it's nice to give a little extra.
How can you help?  Whether you are an individual or a small or large company, here are some ideas.
  • Launch a special campaing to support your favorite cause.
  • Invite your company to match employees donations on that day.
  • Create a volunteering initiative.
  • Invite your local retailers to add a donation to purchases for a charity for #GivingTuesday.
  • Announce a new initiative of your own on your blog or social media channels.
  • Organize a local toy drive, consignment sale or holiday goods sale to raise money and goods for charity.
  • Organize a holiday bake sale or pre-order for baked goods on #GivingTuesday which will be ready for the holidays.
I love the quote below.  Because some people may say, "I don't have anything to give right now".  But, you don't have to be able to give a lot.  Even if you give $1, it's something.  Separately, we might not be able to do a lot, but collectively we can change the world!  Plus, I've found in life that when I give to any charity, church, etc. it always comes back to me in one way or another.  
This iniative was begun by a special "Team of Influencers" and business partners who wanted to celebrate giving and to encourage the creativity and energy of the American people to work together for good.  You can find all of the founding partners, more info and ideas at the website.
Also, you can like
follow @GivingTues on Twitter
follow their "giving quotes" board on Pinterest
Want to help right now?  Copy and paste one of these tweets and tweet about it!
Q: What comes after Thanksgiving and before Christmas? A: #GivingTuesday! @givingtues
Take advantage of those post
Thanksgiving deals. But spare some cash this year. #GivingTuesday hits Nov. 27 @givingtues
How do you think you could give back on Giving Tuesday?

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