Nominate a health worker for the REALAwards!

From now until November 29th, you can nominate a health worker for the REAL Awards.
We award so many people for so many different reasons.  Actresses, musicians and athletes get awards all the time.  NOW, it's time to give awards to people who are out their helping save lives. 
Nominations will be accepted until November 29th.  The awards are to draw attention to the people who are out there on the frontline, selflessly giving their time to save lives.  Winners will be announced the week of January 13, 2013.

The REAL Awards is made possible by the support of these sponsors:
Medtronic Foundation
The Merck Company Foundation
 Masimo Foundation for Ethics, Innovation and Competition in Healthcare
and supporting partners,
Novartis and
Time, Inc.
According to the Save the Children website, the world is short nearly 5 million health workers, including 1 million frontline health workers.  In developing countries, frontline health workers are the first and sometimes only contact to any health care system for millions of people.  But, the current health workers oftentimes don't have the support and supplies that they need.
The REAL awards were meant to draw attention to the challenges that health workers face.  You can read the inspirational stories of the International REAL Awards honorees and nominate a health worker in the United States at until November 29th. 

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