Our first Free Lowe's Build and Grow experience--Fun!

I had been wanting to try to take the kids to a Lowe's Build and Grow for a while.  Actually, I was going to take them once a long time ago and one of them was acting up so we didn't go.  And then I forgot about them.  But, I happened to catch last month's in time.  We went and all four of us had a good time.
Last month they built a Creepy Keeper.  This month's Build and Grow is going to be a sleigh from the movie Rise of the Guardians.  It is this coming Saturday the 17th.  My parents are going to be in town, but we signed the kids up anyway.  It might be fun for my parents to see Logan and Jaycee building something (besides LEGOs!) 
Here are pictures from our last time.  The whole thing was very organized and the staff was really friendly.  The clinics are FREE and the kids got an apron and goggles that they got to keep.  Plus, the kids earn a patch for each clinic that they attend.  I still need to iron my kids' patches onto their aprons.  The kits are pre-packaged.  The pieces come with the holes already in them and the directions tell where to put the nails.  They even have little kid-sized hammers.

Have you been to a Lowe's Build and Grow yet?

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