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It has always been my hubby's dream to own a big, sprawling ranch home.  He does not like stairs.  So, when we bought this house, we bought it because it was a ranch that we could build onto out back.  We bought a smaller house on a big lot so that we could get the house exactly as we wanted it.

My hubby began the home addition/update journey last year in August of 2011.  Here are the steps, road blocks and the processes that we have been through!

In August 2011, my hubby tore down the porch that was on the back of the house.

Then, he cut down our big, beautiful oak tree.  He did this with much sadness.  I looked out and saw him shaking his head as he was cutting branches.  It made us very sad.  But, the tree would have been too close to the house and would have been a hazard in more ways than one.
Then, my hubby had to level out the ground, dig the footers and pour concrete.  
Then, my hubby put the outside walls up.  He darn near killed himself trying to put up one of the end walls.  He was doing it by himself with no help and almost got crushed.  Then after that, he and his friends put the rafters up and the roof on.
Then my hubby added the porch on and he and his friends shingled the roof.
Then, he had someone start putting the siding on.  So, the house was 3/4 sided.  Then we ran out of siding and we had to get more.  The siding was more expensive than the first batch we bought.  

My hubby put all the windows in.  Then, he had a plumber, electrician and HVAC guy do all of their stuff (wiring, ducts, pipes, etc.).  It seems like we started those things in March.  We had issues with the HVAC guy showing up.  He was doing it as a side job, so we weren't always his priority.  He didn't do something right with the condensation pipes.  The HVAC unit leaked all down our one wall and my hubby had to wake up at 1:00 in the morning and re-route everything so that it doesn't leak when it's on.  Thankfully, we found that out before we put the drywall on.  

After we passed our plumbing, electrical and HVAC inspections in July of this year, we had foam insulation applied to the outside walls.
Then, my hubby paid someone to put up the drywall everywhere.  Then, he also paid someone to come tape and mud the walls.
Once all of the walls were up, taped and mudded and the ceilings were textured, we were able to begin painting.  My hubby spraypainted all of the trimwork with a special sprayer.  He was going to try to spray all of the walls since he hates painting.  But, we quickly found out that you waste a lot of paint during the spraying process.  So, we painted all of the rest of the walls the old-fashioned way with a brush and roller.  

Once all of the walls were painted, we got carpet put into the Master Bedroom, his office and my craft room.  At that point we were able to start moving our stuff into those rooms.  

Then, my hubby moved on to creating the shower pan in the Master bath and then tiling the shower and floor in there.  He should have waited to paint the upper walls in the shower until after he had tiled.   The tape he used to hold the tiles in place ripped the paint off the wall all the way down to the greenboard.  It still needs to be repainted, but he got the paint a couple days ago.

After that, he moved the doorway in what used to be Jaycee's room and moved the wall to create a hallway into the Master Bedroom and the wall to close in the Master Bedroom Closet.  That is what my dad was helping him paint when my parents were here two weeks ago.

Most recently, my hubby has been building the surround for the Jacuzzi tub.  He was planning to tile that as well. 

 Then, we ran out of tile.  He went to get tile the other day and the one store does not carry it anymore.  And they called the other store and they only had 6 tiles left.  So, he bought them over the phone and went to get them yesterday.  He says that he's taking this week off.   He's getting burned out, but we want to finish the entire project while the interest rates are still low so that we can refinance it and roll it all together with our mortgage.  

Where do we go from here?  My hubby will finish the Master Bathroom and the Master bedroom closet.  He was sneaking around this morning at 5:45 measuring the walls in the closet to fit them for shelves, etc. To finish the bathroom, he'll have to rewire where the vanity lights are going to go--he was originally planning to have one long bar, but we got two shorter ones.  He has to put in the vanity and the sink top, which are 1 foot shorter than what he wanted.  He wanted a six foot double sink vanity.  We found a dark wood five foot one on sale for $200 off.  So, we said "good enough".  We still need to find a toilet.  And we'll have to have the plumber come back to get everything going.  Oh!  And he'll need to drywall the hole in the wall that he left for access.  And repaint.  

After he finishes the entire Master suite, he will move on to building cabinets for the kitchen.  After that we'll have to decide on the flooring and counters.  We were originally going to get absolute black granite.  But, I'm not sure about that anymore.  I think we might change our colors for the floor and counters altogether.  

Then, we'll have to move into the reconstruction of the existing living room and laundry room.  There will be walls coming down and walls going up.  I don't think any of that part will be fun while we're living here!  But, it is what it is and it's all in the name of progress.

I'll keep you guys updated.

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