Our love is stronger than our rings (or lack thereof)

Our ten year anniversary has come and gone.  Some of you might remember me talking about how I wanted to have a big celebration for our ten year, but that we were postponing it until next year or later because of our remodel/addition that we're doing right now.  Some of you might also remember that I was talking about getting matching rings for our ten year anniversary.  We still haven't done anything.  I guess for now, matching offices will have to do! (It's a remodel/addition thing!)
My hubby never wears a ring anyway.  He is too hard on his hands at work and at play.  Although truthfully, I'm one to talk!  I noticed a chip in my diamond this year!!  I still haven't had it checked out.  Everyone keeps asking me how in the world I chipped a diamond.  My answer is,
"I have no clue".  Except, after I noticed the chip, I also noticed myself banging into so many things with my ring.  I guess I'm not that careful!  I need to get bubble wrap for my fingers and ring.  The poor ring itself is so scratched up.  I guess gold and diamonds are no match for my hubby and me.
I've been seeing more and more about tungsten wedding rings.  They are supposed to be stronger than titanium.  With how active all of my hubby's friends and coworkers are, I wouldn't be surprised if we see mens tungsten wedding rings more often.  I know I wouldn't mind having a stronger ring!  I wouldn't mind if my hubby would WEAR a ring!  Thank goodness I trust him.  I am still holding out hope for matching rings that we both wear at the same time!  I mean, would it kill him to look like he's married?!?  I know, he keeps telling me that it's dangerous and he could lose a finger if the ring gets caught on something at work.  Yeah,  yeah, yeah. . . . . Okay.  I'll give him that.  BUT, when he retires. . . . . . . . that man is wearing a ring!  I really am kidding, though.  I know his heart belongs to me and no ring can prove or disprove that!
Just look at us!  From the weekend we fell in love
To this season
We were meant to be together.  And our love is stronger than our rings.
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