Pumpkin carving, Polar Express Riding and Thanksgiving Celebrating!

Yeah, yeah. . . . we're a little behind on the pumpkin thing.  We even went out as a family this year and searched for pumpkins.  We each chose the one we thought was perfect for us.  So, we ended up with 4 medium to large sized pumpkins and several pie sized and smaller gourds.  And then NONE of them got carved or painted before Halloween.  Between the weird Sandy stuff going on and Halloween being celebrated in November and the addition/remodel and who knows what else, it just didn't happen.

Until yesterday.   
My parents came up for the weekend this past weekend.  They got in on Friday.
 And that was not without hassle!  They were supposed to get into Cleveland around 12:30, which would have been perfect.  The kids would have been at school and I wouldn't have to worry about anything.  BUT, my parents' flight was delayed in Atlanta and they didn't make it to their connecting gate on time.  So, they were put on another flight which caused a conflict with getting kids off the bus.  So, with some time-juggling, early pick-ups at school and wonderful friends, I was able to coordinate everything and get my parents.

Before we knew that my parents were coming up for "Thanksgiving", my MIL and I made plans to take my kids to the Polar Express train this past Friday.  When we realized that was the same day that my dad and stepmom were coming up, I gave up my ticket to my stepmom.  So, grandma and Nana took the kids Friday night.  I'm sure the Grandparents and the kids had a wonderful time!
While they were gone, my hubby, my dad and I went out for Mexican.  I was able to get my salsa which I am SOOOOO addicted to.  Man, I love that stuff!  By the time we got back from the Mexican restaurant, the Nanas and kids were getting back. 

On Saturday morning the kids were signed up for this month's Lowe's Build and Grow.  So, Saturday morning, my hubby and my dad took the kids to that.  We thought that would be a fun thing for my dad to do with the kids.  He's always been pretty handy.  The kids made their sleighs.  I don't think there's another Build and Grow until December.  But, I'm sure my kids want to go back!

Then Saturday night, my parents, Jaycee and I went to church.  And then we came back and watched the top 2 college teams go down.  Yeah, baby!!  Not that it helped my 'Noles at all in the BCS poll.  

Sunday, we cooked our Thanksgiving meal.  We had a turkey and the "traditional" fixin's.  We all ate too much!  Of course.  

The entire time my dad was here, he was helping my hubby with some of the addition/remodel details.  The master bedroom closet is completely closed in and painted now.  And the ceiling fan is down and new lights are up.  The hallway has been dry-walled, mudded and primed and the new hallway light has been installed.  And my hubby has started framing in the jacuzzi tub in the bathroom.  I believe the plumber comes today to see what he'll need to help us finish up the plumbing in the master bath.  Pretty soon, I'll be able to use our new bathroom!  
Yesterday the kids had their 6 month dental checkups.  Luckily, neither of them had any cavities.  But, they did say that someone needs to be flossing better!  It's such a hard age to make them understand how important good dental hygiene is.  

Then, we just hung out the rest of the day with Nana and Papa.  We played a couple games with Jaycee.  We love playing board games in my family.  My dad is very competitive!  I don't get to play games much when they're not here, because my hubby isn't that into board games.  So, whenever my parents are here, we take advantage!

Today is the kids last day of school before Thanksgiving.  And my hubby's brother should be here in a couple days.  I LOVE this time of year with all of the family happenings!

Hope you are enjoying your week so far and that you have a very wonderful Holiday!  And if you're a college football fan, I hope you're having fun getting ready for Rivals Week!!!


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