Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in the Home Office

Since we are in the middle of our addition, it's a good time to think about how we can be more environmentally friendly in our office spaces and my craft room.  Luckily, a lot of the ways that we can be more eco-friendly are also ways we can be more cost-effective.

My hubby and I have always believed in buying as many things used as we can.  Not only does it make sense monetarily, but it helps keep things that might otherwise be thrown away out of landfills.  In my new craftroom, my hubby was able to find some shelving units from a surplus store.  This saved us a lot of money, as brand new wire shelving from hardware stores can be expensive.   
The counter that he used as a desk was also going to be thrown away.  And I believe we've always found our office chairs on Craig's List. 

As far as office supplies go, we try to recycle as much paper as possible.
 Any paper that isn't printed on back, gets put in a drawer to become scrap paper.  I use them to make my shopping lists, etc.  Anything that is printed double-sided goes into the paper recycle bags.  We then take them to one of the local schools.  They have one of those Abitibi Paper Retriever bins.  I would rather a school get money if they can, than put our paper recycle at our curb, where no one gets money.

I also found another fun way to reuse all kinds of paper, including magazines, catalogs, etc.  I was checking out some websites for ideas on how to be more eco-friendly in the office and came across an article on National Geographic's website about "How to Recycle Paper for Kids"  I read the directions and it seems pretty easy.   We can probably find everything we need here at the house.  Plus, it sounds like a fun project to reuse some of the paper that we've already used.  

As far as computer ink goes, we recycle our cartridges and buy remanufactured ink cartridges.  That allows us to save money and it saves more products from the landfills.   Plus, we've learned a few tricks about our printer to be able to use less ink.  I can't remember exactly what the settings are right now.  But, one of them involved using a smaller font.  

Of course other ways to conserve paper consumption would be to do all of your banking and utilities online and choose paperless options.  We're able to do this with most of our monthly bills.  There are still a few companies who need to start it.  

I also found a lot of other great resources when I was researching.  Here is a list of websites or articles that are interesting on the subject of being more eco-friendly in the office.

How do you practice being eco-friendly in your home office?

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