WW | We do "I'm sorry", we do "I forgive you"

So, I'm not a perfect person.  For proof of that, you can read any of my "Life as a Parent" posts.  And so, as an imperfect person, I have bad days.  Some days I have really bad days.  Going through perimenopause is not exactly a cake-walk.
The PMS hormones seem to be getting crazier and crazier.  I just want to crawl out of my skin and crawl into bed and sleep until it's over.    And I think (and sometimes even say) words that I would never say at any other time of the month.  Yesterday was one of those days.  And Jaycee and I were just not getting along. 

So, on those days when I do and say things that I'm not exactly proud of, I apologize.  I don't want my kids thinking it's okay to act the way mommy has been acting! 

So apologies and forgiveness are something we do very well around here.  And when I'm off this darn medication, I will begin taking my evening primrose oil again to help with the PMS symptoms. 
Here is the note that Jaycee left for me yesterday. 
growiing= growling. 

Jaycee actually growls at me a lot lately when she doesn't get her way.  So, although she was accepting my apology, she got the words of her apology mixed up with the note.  But, I love all of her little notes she always leaves me.
And she's always making notes like this one.  LOVE her!
Have there been times when you've had to apologize to your kids?
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