1000 Shillings | Helping Ugandan women out of poverty

I have been blessed to be a part of a group of women called "The Global Team of 200". 
 Together we are working to spread the word about causes around the world that affect women.  Each month we will be talking about different causes. 
This month, we would love to inform you about
1000 Shillings, which has beautiful jewelry for a wonderful cause.
1000 Shillings is helping 6 Ugandan women earn a living through their handiwork to support their family.   According to the 1000 Shillings website, they " aim to connect people around the world through storytelling and high-quality artisan products."

The name "1000 shillings" is based on how much an average woman in the Ugandan Namatala slum lives on per day.  1000 shillings would be .40 cents.  Can you imagine trying to feed your entire family for 40 cents a day?  My heart breaks for these people.  And in so many ways it's easy to feel helpless to do anything.  That's where 1000 Shillings comes in.
The founders of 1000 Shillings were working with women, creating paper bead jewelry.  They decided to give those women a chance to tell their stories and be connected with the world.   If you are purchasing from 1000 shillings, the website gives you a chance to get to know the woman who created the jewelry.  And it gives the artisan a chance to become a self-sufficient businesswoman who can support her family.
You can meet the 6 women at the 1000 Shillings Website.  Read their stories by clicking on their names. 
They are:
I have always been a huge fan of buying things from websites that give back.  It makes me feel good that if I buy one of these necklaces, one of these six women will be on their way toward a better life for their family. 

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