Anyone remember these toys Circa 1976?

While my hubby was getting the Christmas boxes down out of the attic the other day, he brought down a box that was mislabeled.  I guess I had put some of my stuff from childhood into a bin that had "Xmas" marked on the side.  So, it was a fun surprise for me and my kids.  

Several years ago, when I was at home, my mom wanted me to go through all of my stuff.  She was ready for it to be out of her house!!! 
 (Hi Mom! *waving*)
You can't blame her!  I was probably in my thirties by that time.  And married.  And living 1100 miles away from home.

So, we put the things that I wanted to keep in two boxes.  I think she shipped them up.  And then they got put in boxes and put into the attic.  And apparently, one group of them went into that aforementioned "Xmas bin".  

When I was walking through the garage a couple days ago, I saw boxes that I remembered from my childhood.  They were the blue boxes of Madame Alexander dolls.  I only ever had two dolls from her line.  I had the Scarlett O'Hara doll and the "France" doll.

But, also in the box and what I was asking if you remember were these little things!

 I can remember when I was little, I would save all of my money and go to the toy store to buy these.    I have no idea what my fascination was with them.  Maybe they reminded me of Holly Hobbie, who was my big toy that I loved when I was younger. 

I was looking on ebay for the diecast toys and there are all kinds of Durham Diecast toys that I never got!  Check out the sewing machine and spinning wheel.  Maybe I didn't know at that time that I was going to be a fashion major and that a diecast sewing machine would have been cool to have!

I also saved this little ladybug radio.  We loved these things when we were kids.  I need to get a new 9 volt battery to see if it still works!!  

Which toys from childhood did you save?

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