Budget-Friendly Holiday Entertaining with ALDI

It's the time of year when most people have, at the very least, one holiday party to host or attend.  Some people have so many to attend that they have a hard time keeping up!  With all of the host gifts for parties that we attend and food prep for parties that we host, the costs can add up quickly.  That's why I LOVE ALDI!!
I shop at ALDI all year round for some things.  There are a lot of basic items that I can get at ALDI cheaper than I would be able to get at other stores even if I used coupons.  But basics are not the only items you can get at ALDI. 
ALDI has really nice holiday entertaining items.  They have a line of specialty cheeses, meats and wines that would be perfect for an appetizer table.
All of their wines are reasonably priced and have their flavors and pairings right on the label.  We always eat Prime Rib and pasta with a red sauce on Christmas Eve, so I found two different red wines that should complement those items nicely.  And they were only $5.99 each.  I got a Diamonte Malbec from Argentina, Burlwood Merlot and Chaza Moscato.  For the kids I got a bottle of Sparkling white grape juice.  I also got a $3.99 bottle of Merlot for sipping this week before the holiday.
 I got some little snacky foods to set out for while we're still finishing up the last details on our meal.  I love any kind of meat snacks.  So, I got a Chianti wine salami to set out with a Brie log, wheat crackers and specialty olives.  Plus, I got a shrimp ring for only $5.99!!  It's 12 oz. of cooked shrimp with the cocktail sauce in the center.  I don't even have to do anything except take the lid off.  Entertaining can't get any easier than that.
(I am SO looking forward to these olives!!!)

I also got a couple things for our meal.  As I said, we always do pasta with a red sauce.  I always try to make the noodles flat ones because I think they lend themselves well to the au jus/gravy of the prime rib OR to the red pasta sauce.  I got these pasta nests and a pasta sauce with a beef base.  The specialty pasta and sauce were only $1.99 each. ALDI also has basic pasta and sauces that are even more inexpensive, around $1.29 or so if I'm remembering correctly.

If you visit the ALDI website, you can find recipes also.  This is what their "recipe book" looks like.  You can find it HERE.

Have you tried any of ALDI's specialty products?  If you have an ALDI near you, I suggest stopping in.  You might be surprised!  I shop at ALDI almost weekly.  I'm so happy I have a place to shop that is so budget friendly.

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for ALDI. I received a gift certificate to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.  But all opinions are 100% mine”

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