Can a "lingering" cough be a sign of allergies?

Dust, dust, go away!  There's a certain point when your kids have been coughing and coughing that you have to begin to wonder if they have allergies.  I know I had allergies when I was younger, or so I've been told.  I remember I used to get tummy aches.  Apparently, it was from allergy drainage going down my throat.  My mom said that I was on two over the counter allergy medicines for a while.  She said the one medicine made me a zombie for a whole week.  Then, they alternated weeks with another kind of allergy med.  I truthfully don't remember any of it except the tummy aches.  I only know what I've been told.
But, my hubby and I were discussing last night that maybe our kids have allergies.  And in fact when I took Jaycee to the Minute Clinic the other day to make sure she didn't have Strep (and found out that she didn't, but she did have a sinus infection and possible bronchial infection), the CNP said that she wouldn't be surprised if Jaycee had allergies.
  She said she "looked like" she had allergies.  Jaycee has my family's standard allergy eyes, which is to say that she has huge circles under her eyes.  She has big, pink circles.  My niece has them too and she has allergies and asthma. 
So, allergy testing might be in our future.  But, we've also decided that it's probably time for a new mattress for Logan.  His mattress is pretty old and is probably full of years and years of dust mites.  So, that's the first thing on our list of things to do.  Plus, we'll probably need to call a local rug cleaning company to clean all of the carpets.  Eventually, we might want to consider hard wood floors if their allergies get too bad.  I know my sister switched their main floors from carpet to wood now.  I'm sure that switch has helped my niece with her allergies.
I don't know much about HEPA filters or those air purifiers, but that might be something to look into also.  And I really, really would like to get our air ducts cleaned.  But, my hubby and I have a difference of opinion on having that done.  He doesn't believe that it helps.  I don't see how it couldn't!  It would have to help, right?
Do your kids have allergies that cause them to cough?  How do you deal with it?  When did you find out?
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