Daydreaming of living somewhere warmer

My hubby and I always wonder why we live in Ohio where it's so cold in the winter.  Whenever we have a bad winter, he always asks why we're still here.  The kids love the snow, though.  But, they're not the ones who have to shovel it, snowblow it or drive in it.  We've been pretty lucky so far this year.  There hasn't been much to complain about.  But, we are supposed to get hit this weekend.

The last couple years, we've been able to escape the winter for a week or so to go down to Florida.  My hubby's company has a condo down in the Florida Keys.  We drop the kids off with my family in central Florida, visit for a few days and then enjoy three to four kid-free days in the warm sunshine.  It is so nice!  

Usually, we make the trip in February or March, which are the hardest winter months up here.  And, usually we drive.  It is amazing how the weather changes on the way down.  Somewhere around the Carolinas, the weather gets warmer.  We stopped at a gas station to refuel one time and my hubby started talking to a man next to us.  My hubby asked if the weather was always as nice as it was at that moment.  The guy told him that it was.  

For a few brief moments we consider what it would be like moving to North or South Carolina.
 It would be good because I would be closer to my family.  It wouldn't be as hot as Florida, so my hubby wouldn't melt as soon as the temps go high.  It's closer to the ocean than we are now.  It's somewhat close to mountains, which would be cool.  For some reason, whenever any of our friends or family members (my sister) talk about moving, it's always to the Carolinas.  My sister's hubby is from Indiana.  So, the Carolinas would be half-way between families for them, too.  In fact, I'm pretty sure right around the northern South Carolina area is where my hubby and I met my sister and her hubby for a Memorial Day weekend before we all had kids.

  Right around Spartanburg, South Carolina would be about the half-way point between my hubby's family and friends and my family and friends.  It would take us 9 hours and 15 minutes to get to Ohio from Spartanburg.  And it would take us 8 hours and 50 minutes to get to Florida.  Plus, according to Wikipedia, the average annual temperature is 60 degrees--not too cold for me and not too hot for my hubby.   And, according to Wikipedia, they only get about 6 inches of snow per year.  We might get that much this weekend!

 So, if we could fantasize what our life would be like, our kids would grow up the last half of their childhoods there.  My kids would be able to learn how to drive without dealing with as much snow as they would here in Ohio. Jaycee could be a cheerleader for the local high school.  

From what I remember when we visited the area when we met my sister and her hubby, it seemed to be a pretty nice area.  But, with our addition happening, we probably won't be moving anytime soon.   We'll just have to keep this idea as a fantasy. . . . . maybe a retirement place?

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