Featured Handmade Crafter | Talena from The Primitive Hutch

Please welcome today's Featured Handmade Crafter, Talena, from The Primitive Hutch.

1.Tell us about yourself in three sentences
I am a primitive & country craft designer and love to create crafts that makes my customers happy. Since I've been doing craft shows for 22 years I decided to publish my first book to help others entitled "Breaking into the Craft Show Business-a guide to avoiding the Bumps & Bruises".

I also have a FREE online craft Magazine called Mulberry Crafters Magazine. Which has great craft show tips, patterns and more.
2. Do you have a blog?

I wanted to share so much with my customer base that I created 4 blogs which cover a little bit of everything that goes on in my crazy craft world. :-)
3. How and when did you begin crafting
When I first started doing crafts it was crocheted items such as hats & scarves. Then at a craft show I met a woman who did dolls and after speaking with her I decided to try my hand at sewing. So I bought a sewing machine and my first pattern which was a Fat Cat pattern by McCall. I decided to turn that cat into a bunny and sell it at my next craft show. After a few shows customers were starting to say my dolls were So Cute. Which was my first business name of Sew Cute Dolls & More.
As the years past and my crafts evolved I changed my business name to The Primitive Hutch.

4.What is your favorite craft to do?

I have to say I have many favorite ones and love to try other new crafts. If I

had to choose I would say it's my Raggedy Ann Dolls. I love how their facial features develop has I hand sew their eyes and nose on.
5. How long have you been selling your services/crafts?
I've been selling my crafts online, and at boutiques, craft shows and malls for 22 years. I'm always learning something new in the craft business. Candle making is something I'm currently doing more of and I might try my hand at wood cutting depending on how well I can cut a straight line. :-)

6. How can we find you?

You can find me at the following sites:
My website at http://www.theprimitivehutch.com

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