LEGOs, Snow, and my Singing Hairdresser--Christmas Photo Dump

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas.  We've been having a really good week, although I think I'm a little worn out! 
We had our big Christmas Eve dinner on Monday night.  I look forward to the Prime Rib all year!  And it actually snowed again on Christmas Eve, which made lots of northeast Ohioans very happy.  I have lots of friends up here who love snow.  They should be pretty darn happy right now.  That snowstorm is making it's way through right now.  I haven't seen any "blizzard" like conditions as of right now, although there is quite a bit of snow on the ground.  There were supposed to be winds between 35 - 45 miles an hour with blowing snow. 
As far as Christmas gifts, I think the kids are pretty happy.  They got all of the "big" things that they asked for except a robot dog that Logan decided he wanted the day before Christmas.  That might have been something out of Santa's budget, anyway. 
Christmas Eve, my hubby's parents and brother came over to eat dinner and open gifts.  Between Christmas Eve and Christmas day, Logan got at least six new LEGO sets, some small, some big.  They are all put together already. This one is part of the Lord Of the Rings Mines of Moria Set.
And this is the LEGO City Police station.
Jaycee got Baby Butterscotch, an Easy Bake Oven and Baby Wanna Walk.
On Christmas Eve, Jaycee wrapped the present that Daddy got for himself. 
 He wanted a boot dryer since he has to be out in this snowy mess so often and his boots get wet.  We didn't even bother to wrap my gift from Santa.  But, it is on the bed now.  No, it's not Jaycee.  It's the black and taupe comforter.  She would have been a mess to try to wrap. All we had was that dollar store wrapping paper and it kept ripping.  You get what you pay for!  Plus, I don't think she'd sit still long enough for us to wrap her. 
 I was happy that my hubby ended up liking the comforter as well.  The more I thought about it, the more scared I became that he might not like it.  But, he does. . . . so, whew!
I was in my pajamas with my makeup off and lying on the couch by 5 PM yesterday.  I just wanted to be warm and snuggly. 
Today, we were supposed to go to Chuck e. Cheese for Jaycee's birthday before my hubby's brother left.  We didn't end up going because of the snow.  On the news last night they suggested that if you had anything to do, do it in the morning and then be home and off the roads by 11 a.m. 
  But, my hubby's mom and brother came over to give Jaycee her gifts.  She got an art desk.  We made room for it (barely) in her room.
The other gift that she got for Christmas that she liked were her VTech "My first laptop".  Look~~she's a working mom. 
  Now, with her art desk, she can start creating designs for her portfolio.  (wink, wink)  No, I'm not pushing her in any certain direction!  Although I did get her one of those fashion design plate things for Christmas.  Do you remember these? 
You can switch out the heads, shirts and bottoms to create different designs? 
This is the one I made. . . . . . it's me.  ;)  You know I love my boots!  Or maybe you don't.  I'll have to show you all of my boots one day.
She also loved her microphone and her hair styling set.  Logan got her those for Christmas. 
Jaycee also got a whole bunch of Brave items from one of her Nanas.  She got the movie, which we had never seen.  And she got the costume, which is gorgeous, and the bow and arrow set.
My hubby took this week off so that he could start building the kitchen cabinets.  He pulled me into the addition to show me how to put the "biscuit joiners" in.  He thought that was blog-worthy.  And it is.  But, I'm not prepared to do a whole post on cabinet making right now! 
I hope you guys are continuing to have a good holiday. 
Which gifts did you and your kids get this year?

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