My hubby can't work a labor intensive job forever!

My hubby is a brilliant carpenter.  He comes up with designs that are helpful and efficient.  He loves a challenge and loves the design process.  But, he doesn't want to physically work for the rest of his life.  He works for a wonderful company now.  But, if anything ever happens and he would want a change, there are probably several things he could do.

He has recently been interested in taking a class on surveying.  He did a job recently and feels he did a really good job of laying everything out.  There were some surveyors on the job and he decided he'd like to learn more.  There are going to be classes soon that he is going to try to sign up for.  I think it's a great idea.  It's always good to keep learning new skills.  And if he thinks surveying is something he'd be interested in, I'm all for it.
He's thrown a couple other ideas around, like becoming an inspector for the city.  Government jobs are usually good because they have really good benefits.  I actually think the inspector position would be a pay cut for us, though.   But, it would be easier on his body!  He's trying to move into more positions that aren't as strenuous on his body.  And at this point, it might be a good trade-off to take less money for less wear and tear on his body.
He could also start his own construction company and hire people to do the hard, physical activity.   But,  there would be so much involved with that. He would have to hire an accountant and lawyer for all of the financial and legal issues and someone else would definitely have to deal with all of the paperwork. If he wanted to start his own company,  he could take one of the  government contract training seminars that are offered.  Those are helpful to learn the laws if he ever wanted to contract with the government.  Plus, there are a lot of good classes for general construction issues. There might be things that he hasn't had to deal with in his current position that he would need to learn. 
If my hubby had his way, he'd be doing something with BASE jumping or skydiving. . . . . . because, you know, those aren't hard on your body at all. . . . 
Luckily for my sanity, he's a little more practical than that.  But, it doesn't do much for his sanity.  I know he wishes he could do something that he loves all the time for his career, instead of having to do a job just to be practical.    And I hope and pray that he will find something that makes him truly fulfilled and happy and that will still be a good financial fit for the family.  Everyone deserves to be fulfilled in life.
Do you have any ideas?  Maybe there's something from way out in left field that we haven't considered yet!
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