Pee or no pee, the King Mattress is gonna have to wait!

As you know, we are working on our addition and have already moved in to our brand-new Master Bedroom.  It's a fairly good size and it could definitely handle a king-sized mattress.  I was hoping to be able to get a king-sized fairly soon.  In fact, I just asked my hubby a couple weeks ago if we could get one.

You see, we were going to be having guests soon and it would have been nice to have an extra bed!  That's my excuse for "buying up" to a king.  That, and Jaycee peed in our bed.  She crawled into bed with me one morning and got up when I got up.  But, then she decided to go back to bed in our bed.  Alas, the poor dear did not go potty before she got back into bed and she peed in it.  .   .  on my hubby's side of course!

I stripped the bed, spot cleaned it and let it air dry.  Then I came up with the plan that if we moved the peed on Queen sized bed into Jaycee's room (since she had already marked it as hers) and moved her twin bed into my office, then our guests could sleep in Jaycee's room while they were here.  Jaycee could sleep on the floor of our bedroom while the guests were here and we'd finally have our King!!  Guest sleeping arrangement problem solved!

I should tell you that our guests (my parents) have their own custom bed like a tempurpedic or something.  It is dual-sided so that each person can have their own firmness. Down in Florida, they are used to sleeping on their own side of the bed.  My dad prefers a firm mattress because the soft  ones make his back hurt.  My stepmom prefers a soft mattress and has been known to go out and buy those foam egg-crates to put on any bed she has slept on in my house!  So, I figured at least if they slept on a normal bed instead of on the couch or air mattress, they would be a little more comfortable while they were here.  We could "cushy" up her side if we needed to!

That idea didn't go over very well with my hubby.  We don't have the money to spend on a king-sized bed right now.  So, we ended up buying another air mattress for our guests and I did the best I could by making it double high, adding a cushy mattress topper and some really great, very high thread count sheets that I got ultra-cheap from Amazon.  Unfortunately, I bought king-sized sheets so that they would fit the double-high air mattress.  So, we can not use the luxurious high thread count sheets on our bed. . . . until we buy that King!  

But, since I finally decided what I was getting for Christmas from my hubby~~a new queen-sized comforter set~~we probably won't be getting that King soon.  

  Truthfully, I'm used to changing my comforters quite often.  My current purple one is the one I've had the longest ever!  We've had it for over 3 1/2 years now. That's long for me.  I guess that's another good thing about still having a queen.  Usually the comforter and sheet sets are less expensive for a queen than they are for a king, so you can change your mind more often.

What size bed do you have?  Do you like to change your comforter with the season?

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