Ta-Da! Our new Master Bedroom Closet

We are 99% done with our Master Bedroom closet for now.  We still need to replace the carpet.  But, that will happen at a later date.  And we still need to get a full-length mirror in there.  We were looking for a wall-mounted fold-down ironing board also, but yeesh!  We aren't ready to put out $200 for an ironing board right now!  So, that part can wait as well, especially since I iron maybe five times a year.
Remember the other day when I was talking about the money we saved in my craft room by finding used shelving units?  And how I was talking about wire shelving being sooooo expensive?  Well, the other day I was out waiting for the kids to get off the bus and my hubby drove up.  He mouthed a word that I can't say on this blog.  I thought maybe he was upset because he was trying to make it home in time to have some "alone time" with me.  Nope.  It turns out, he had just spent $250 on wire shelves.  The "small" expenditures here and there are really starting to add up in this addition! 

The hanging bar.
Shelves under the window for purses and shoes.
Wall of shelves.  These are the fixtures that remind me of working retail!
The dresser in the closet.  I told you guys I don't want mis-matched furniture in my bedroom! 
So, the dresser will live in the closet.  The mirror will go next to the dresser.  The dirty clothes hamper will have to move somewhere else!
 I'd like to be able to find some artwork to put on either side of the window.  And I need to think about whether or not I want a window covering.  I guess it would be good for a little more insulation during the winter. 

One of my friends said I would have to start shopping at thrift stores and garage sales to fill my closet.  Too funny!  I think I'll stop where I am.  Unless of course, "my hubby" gets me a new sweater for Christmas.  I still haven't decided what "he's getting for me". 

I know I'm spoiled with my new closet.  What's one thing you'd change about your closet?

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