The Master Bath is gettin' there!

Yesterday, I updated you guys on the Master Bedroom Closet.
Today, I'll show a little bit of the progress on our Master Bathroom, or en-suite as all of the HGTV shows call them. 
My hubby is finished with all of the tile.  Thank goodness.  It was not a fun job for him.  And it took a lot longer than he thought it would.  I think that if he never has to do tile again in his life, he would be a happy person.  He also got the lights up this past week.
Since they're in a different spot than the original spot, he'll need to fix that hole.
He had originally planned for one long bar, not two small ones.  I think they're kind of low.  It will be interesting fitting mirrors in over the vanity. 

Also, he put the heater on the jacuzzi tub this week.  That was another $200 expenditure that he didn't want to have to pay for.  See what I mean about these little things adding up?  My hubby always said he could build the entire structure for close to peanuts, but it's the little things that kill you financially in the process.
The only things we have left to do. . . . .( I say "we" as if I'm the one in there doing all of the work), Uh-hum, the only things my hubby has left to do are the following: 
 Order the shower door and get it on,
find and install the toilet,
close up the hole in the wall,
place the sink-top into the vanity,
finish the tile on the front of the tub enclosure,
 and have the plumber come hook everything up.
 My hubby says that he can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! 
As I said, the tile took him longer than he thought it would.  He figured he'd be done with the bathroom and building the kitchen cabinets by now.  But, it's hard when he's working full-time and trying to work on the addition.
One other thing we might do in the future in the "en-suite" is to mount a TV at the end of the Jacuzzi tub with some kind of flat panel mounts.  It might be the first flat-panel TV we have in the house.  See those wires at the end?  I'm pretty sure that's what those are for.
Remember the other day, I told you we still have a "tube" TV in our living room.  It's a big ol' heavy thing!  Some day after our addition is done, we might move into this decade (millenium?) with a modern TV!  For now, we're doing just fine with what we have.
I'll be excited once it's done.  It will be nice to not have to walk out into the hallway to use the restroom.  And I'm ready to have a tube of toothpaste that my kids don't make a mess of!  And towels that don't have toothpaste and who knows what else all over them!  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, too!!! 
What would be in your dream bathroom?  I would still like to fit a coffee station in there somewhere!

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