We brought out the BIG tree this year!

I know for some people, searching for that perfect live tree is part of the whole Christmas season.  I've only had a live tree two years in my life. 

 One year in college, a friend and I went to get a tree for a tree-decorating Christmas party we were going to have at my apartment.  I think we only spent $10 on it.  It was a mess of a little tree!  I think it had a big hole in one side.  I called that my "feature" spot.  I put a special ornament there as if it was a showcase!  And getting the tree was an adventure as well.  I might have only had $10 to spend, so finding a tree for $10 was quite a challenge.  The guy helped us find it, which was no easy job.  Then, when I went to give him the money, the exchange didn't happen and the money blew into the street.   We were able to get it back.  And I'm sure that poor Christmas tree salesman was glad to see me leave!  My parents were up for New Year's Eve that year, and I remember my dad making fun of my little tree!

The second time I had a live tree, I was still living in Tallahassee.
 There were six years in a row that I didn't make it home for Christmas, because I was in retail management.  I always had to be at the store until around 7:00 P.M. on Christmas Eve and had to be back at 7:00 A.M. the day after Christmas.  Since the trip home was ten hours round trip, it just wouldn't have worked!    So one year, my boyfriend at the time felt sorry for me and showed up at my door with a little pine tree he had cut down.  And that's the last time I've had a live tree.

When I moved back home from Tallahassee to central Florida, I always had a huge fake tree.  I bought it my first year back.  I've always had 7 1/2 to 8 foot trees.  I always find the fullest looking ones I can buy.  That tree stayed in central Florida when I moved up to Ohio.

Our house when I first moved up was really small.  So, there wasn't room for a big tree.  I think we used a small tree sometimes.  But when we moved into our bigger house the year we got married, I got my big 8 foot tree back again!  We purchased one for about $70.00 from Walmart or somewhere.  And we used that one for most of the years that we lived in that house.  But, when we moved into this smaller house, we just didn't have room for it.  So, it stayed in the attic and we've been using a smaller 4-ft. tree that we had.  

This year, since we've been moving some of the "extra" furniture out of the living room into the addition, I thought maybe we'd have room for the big tree.  We got it up!  We might become claustrophobic, but it's up!  And the kids are so excited.  You should have seen how giddy they were the night we were putting it up!  The kids love our big tree.
I can't wait until next year when we can have both trees up.  And I might even try to find a 7 foot one for the Master Bedroom next year.  *smiling*  And I might also try to get a Christmas comforter and shower curtain set once they all get marked down to clearance after the holidays.  Next year my house will be crazy-Christmasy.  

Do you have a live tree or do you do artificial trees?

I'll have to share my "ornament" stories next.  

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