Yes, I used to have a Belly Button Ring

It surprises some people that I used to have a belly button ring.  I guess I seem so "straight".  And I really am.  So, I can understand people's "shock".    I only had it for about a year.  I just recently found it again in my junk drawer, not that I could ever forget that I had a belly button ring.  That little hole was the only place that I got a stretch mark from being pregnant.  And before you make some smart remark like, "oooohhh, that's the ONLY place you got a stretchmark!?!", let me tell you that I was worried that I would have a ton.  I had no reason to believe I wouldn't.  I have painful stretch marks on my hips just from going through puberty.  I figured I just had the kind of skin that got stretch marks.  

Anyway, here's how it came to be that at one point in my life, I had body jewelry. 

When I was in my later twenties, I was beginning to become frustrated that I wasn't married.  I know. . . . you're wondering where I'm going with this.
 And truthfully, even if I tell you, the logic might not make sense to you.  I was in a relationship with a guy and it seemed like it wasn't really going anywhere.  And my entire life I figured I would be married by 26, and have kids by 30, etc.  So, my life was not on the track that I thought it should have been by then.

One night, a very close friend and I went out in Ybor city in Tampa.  Obviously, I was still living in Florida at this point.  There were so many bachelorette parties that night.  And when you believe that your life is not on the track that it's supposed to be on in the marriage department, seeing all of those brides-to-be can be frustrating.  My hubby always wonders why women are so "fixated" on getting married.  And truthfully, I don't know the answer to that!  I just know that it happened.  It's not anything that makes logical sense.  It's just the way you feel.  And sometimes, feelings aren't logical. 

So, for some off-the-wall reason, my answer to that frustration was to get my belly button pierced.  My friend had been trying to get me to do it forever.  So that night, I decided that I was going to get my belly button pierced and keep it in until I got married.  Logical, right?

As soon as I got it done, guess who I called?  The person who actually did become my hubby!  I knew that he had had his eyebrow pierced at some point.  I think this was the call I made after he made that, "I was thinking about you call."  You'll have to read our "Backstory", if you don't know what I'm talking about.    I just called him out of the blue.  And he told me, "I hate to one-up you, but I got my tongue pierced last week".  And that phone call is when we started talking again.  And I moved up to Ohio about eleven months after that.

I left the belly button ring in for a couple months after I moved up.  It did not make it all the way to our wedding day.  But, I still have it in case I want to have someone put it back in to hide those stretch marks!  Actually, I'll need a bigger belly button ring for that!

Have you had any body piercings or tattoos?  I also got a cartilage piercing in my ear when he left me after the weekend we had our first kiss.  Again, you'll have to read our "Backstory"!  

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